The Power of Running


The power of running never fails to amaze us.  The power of charity runners in all that they give back through the sport; the power of running to take a bad day and make it a fun day; the power of running to inspire us to do and be more; and the power of runners running together, creating friendships and communities through the simple act of moving forward.  The power of running inspires the owners and staff at Fleet Feet everyday.  

Help us celebrate the power of running this summer and fall, as we kick off The Power of Running campaign.  Throughout the months of August and September a portion of your purchases of specifics products, starting with Nathan Hydration Systems, and including Balega socks, New Balance Asics and more, will be donated to the Wellness House in Annapolis.  

Visit our stores to learn more about the Power of Running and to tell us how the power of running has changed your life.

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