The NEW Fiona from Moving Comfort!

The Fiona by Moving Comfort

Newsflash: Women should never have to wear two sports bras during activity! If you do, it's because your sports bra isn't supportive enough, or you are wearing the wrong size! 80% of women wear are currently wearing the wrong size bra! As women, our life and body changes frequently. Weight loss or gain, pregnancy and breast feeding are just a few factors that may change your breast shape, size, and need.

The Fiona is Moving Comfort's #1 selling sports bra because it offers support and comfort for those anywhere from a B to an E cup with just one bra. Adjustments in the back and on the straps make it easy to find your perfect fit.


Fiona has supremely-comfortable support and versatility.

* Contoured seam-free cups 
* Interior front yoke 
* Front-adjustable straps 
* Adjustable back closure 
* Encapsulation/Compression
As with all sports bras, at Fleet Feet Sports, we'll help you find your perfect FIT so that you can pursue your goals and passions comfortable and bounce-free.
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