OdorBalance LaundryPro & Defense Spray

The average human body has three to four million sweat glands. Sweat is odorless. Body odor is caused when the rapid multiplication of bacteria that lives on your skin begins to digest sweat. This digestive process is what causes the odor. Some individuals sweat more that others or have specific medical conditions that can increase body odor.

What does the OdorBalance cleaning system do?

OdorBalance cleans and protects sports gear, apparel, and footwear with a unique odor-eliminating technology. OdorBalance LaundryPro is the first premium high efficiency sports laundry detergent that cuts through tough stains and reduces odors and their source with long lasting odor protection. Athletes and sport apparel users at every level need this trusted and proven sport cleaner. Our tested eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, tough stain removing, odor-eliminating detergent will keep your textiles fresh and clean. OdorBalance LaundryPro is hydrophobic (repels water) thus maintaining and repairing the wick ability while minimizing static cling in your high performance garments, shirts and warm ups.

Defense Spray.
OdorBalance Defense long lasting protector will continue to work on odor and their sources for months. If you are looking to reduce the nuisance of dealing with that awful lingering odor or just want to extend the useful life of your costly athletic gear, pre-treat it first with OdorBalance Defense!

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