FuelBelt Handheld Hydration

FuelBelt Handheld Hydration

With the hot summer months only beginning, runners and walkers alike should be planning to carry hydration with them outdoors for months to come! Proper hydration is crucial to keeping your core body temperature low, heart rate down, performance up, and dehydration at bay during hot and humid summer runs. It can make all the difference when completing a workout or race strong AND safe. 

FuelBelt Sprint Palm 10oz

If you're looking for a super comfortable way to carry 10oz with you, this is the way to go. Hand strap is fully adjustable, pocket is great for small items and 10oz bottle has an excellent feel in your hand because of its unique shape. The fully adjustable strap makes you feel like you aren't carrying anything at all.

The Slice Palm Holder by FuelBelt 

This 18oz insulated handheld bottle is SUPER comfortable to carry, and keeps your water cool as you heat up! The perfect size and amount for those longer runs during the summer. Start with ice and cool water, and re-fill as necessary when running past your favorite gas station or grocery store for longer distance workouts!

* 18oz BPA-free bottle.  
* Ergonomic shape to fit your hand.

* Adjustable coolon padded hand strap. 
* Versatile bottle shape allows for reverse handheld position.

*For more info on other hydration options including belts and paks, visit the store and we'll be happy to help you find your perfect hydration tool!

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