What Our Customers Think.

On Inspiring Others.

"I'm so thrilled that my cousin Cindy & her friend are doing the 5k training and I'm so glad that you helped them pick out proper shoes & equipment. I could hear the excitement in her voice when we were talking. I've never been an inspiration before! Very cool and I plan on paying it forward from here on out and showing others that they can do it too! I know I did the hard work getting through the program, but having you and the wonderful staff at Fleet Feet was a BIG part of it too!! I love walking into the store each and every time I'm there."

- Jen, our new No Boundaries Coach.

On Our Training Programs.

"I've been meaning to write and thank you for the excellent training.  I ran the Bethesda Turkey Trot 10K in 1 hour 6 minutes... a new record for me! Thank you for all of the encouragement.  I'm hoping to join another training group in January, still waffling between moving to the next level or staying with the 201's! Have a wonderful holiday season!"
- Emily

On Coach Support.

"I was surprised at how much easier it is to run in a group setting.  I know I would not be at the pace and distance that I'm at right now if I were to do this by myself! The coaches do an excellent job of working with everyone in regard to their individual goals, workout sessions, and fitness education.  I've followed the fitness plan for on and off days, and I lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks. It's also amazing to see people, who have never met, cheer for a team mate to finish a course in Annapolis/Eastport area. You’ve been great!"
- Glenn

On Achieving New Goals.

"Thanks for creating a new runner.  It is amazing to me that in just four months I am now running from the tip of Horn Point in Eastport over the bridge to the Annapolis City Dock and back...  that was my run yesterday morning." 
- Cathy

On Making Running Fun.

"Thanks for everything.  I so appreciate the special distance for me so I could get this done before heading out of town.  You have been an amazing coach and inspiration.  I can not believe that in January I could not do even one mile!  You have made this possible with all you do.  I am going to keep running while on vacation.  The running clothes are packed! Thanks again to you and everyone at Fleet Feet.  You all make running fun :-)"
- Katy

On the RIGHT Training.

"Thank you so much for the training you provided.  During the Annapolis 10-Mile Race, I kept thinking how glad I was that we trained the way we did.  I finished at 1:51:08 WOW!!! ...Considering that this was my first race and I started running last year with no previous experience.  Thank you :)"

On Shoe Fittings.

"Thank you for helping me find the Saucony running shoes! Since I've used them, I have not had the pain I typically had after long runs...right above my outside ankle bone "knob."  It's amazing what a good pair of shoes will do, and you took the time to "check my feet out" and find the right fit...THANK YOU!!! (went for an 8-mile run this a.m...and once again...no pain...) :-)"
- Steve

On Outstanding Customer Service.

"I've long been a fan of Fleet Feet Sports.  This past weekend I decided to go to Fleet Feet Annapolis for the first time, but certainly not the last.  My experience was outstanding.  Scott was not only beyond knowledgeable about the pros and cons of the shoes, but extremely helpful as well.  He spent over an hour with me helping me find just the right shoes.  That kind of attention is almost unheard of anymore.
It's really great to see a company take such pride in their brand image and such care with their customers and I just wanted to say thanks.  I've already started recommending your store to my friends who enjoy running.
- Joe

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