Severna Park Ambassador Team

Deborah Dula

Occupation: Employee of the Department of Defense

Sports of choice: Running, Biking, Weight Lifting

How did you get into fitness? I served 20 years in the US Army and running was not only a part of being a Soldier, but also became my passion. After retiring almost 5 years ago, I continued to run. 

Years in your sport: 24+ years 

Favorite thing about Fleet Feet Sports: The shoes - and the training programs!

Favorite post-race meal: Salmon and potatoes

Fun fact: I completed my first half marathon at 43 years old!

Jackie Floyd

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Sports of choice: Kickboxing, Group Workouts

How did you get into fitness? I started into fitness in 2008 after I got married. Before then, I didn't exercise much. I fell in love with fitness after joining a bootcamp - so much so that I studied to become a personal trainer and I now own my own fitness company!

Years in your sport: 5 years

Favorite thing about Fleet Feet Sports: The individual attention and the fact that they take my individual needs into consideration!

Favorite post-race meal: I LOVE my vanilla protein shake! 

Fun fact: Years ago I made jokes about starting my own fitness business. This was before I had event thought about becoming a CPT. The end of 2013, I officially opened my business and have been having so much fun with it! I also HATE running but I do it and encourage others because it is good for me! 

Katie McGowan

Occupation: Registered Nurse at AAMC

Sports of choice: Running/Walking, Pilates, Yoga

How did you get into fitness? I have always been active beginning with playing lots of sports growing up. That progressed to a lifetime of gym memberships and various classes from aerobics to hot yoga. Over the last couple of years, I became interested in running, signed up for the No Boundaries: Couch to 5K program and now I am a RUNNER!

Years in your sport: 1 year

Favorite thing about Fleet Feet Sports: The people and the overall "vibe"

Favorite post-race meal: Apple and almond butter

Fun fact: About 15 years ago, I was a real estate agent in the Annapolis area. I sold houses to four registered nurses in a row, and became convinced that nursing was my calling, and went back to school for my nursing degree. No regrets!

Kara Reese

Occupation: Judges Assistant

Sports of choice: Running, Kayaking, Gym, Yoga, Biking

How did you get into fitness? I started working out in college in ROTC. I really started to enjoy running and participating in races after I moved to FL in 2003 and haven't looked back!

Years in your sport: 17 year

Favorite thing about Fleet Feet Sports: The friendly staff, and the variety of products, demo runs and seminars.

Favorite post-race meal: Egg sandwich and coffee

Fun fact: I have run 9 half-marathons in 5 different states

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