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Rich Moran, Annapolis Store Manager and Fit Specialist

Hometown: Tribes Hill, NY
Favorite Place to Run: Boulder, Colorado. But closer to home, I love to run in Rosaryville State Park.
Why Do You Run?: 
 I love the challenge and the way that it makes me feel. I appreciate the gift I have been given with the ability to run.
Favorite Apparel Item: 
Injinji Socks
Favorite Shoe: 
New Balance Fresh Foam 1080
Favorite Post-Race Meal: 
The One Accessory I Can't Run Without: 
Handheld water bottle.
Current Goal: 
Eastern States 100  
Years/Experience in Running: I started running the 400m in high school. I fell in love with the sport right then.  Over the years this passion for running has evolved into marathons, which evolved into 50 milers and eventually to 100 milers.

Laura Seebeck, Training Program Coordinator and Fit Specialist

 Bowie, Maryland
Favorite Place to Run: Lately I've been trying to discover new trails around me.
Why Do You Run?  To stay fit and active, and to keep my heart and lungs healthy.
Favorite Apparel Item: Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. Great sound quality and no more getting tangled in the wires.
Favorite Shoe: My Newtons and HOKA Cliftons!
Favorite Post-Race Meal: Peanut butter and banana on toast. 
The One Accessory I Can't Run Without: Music
Current Goal: To work out at least 3 days a week.  
Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management from UMD; Certified Personal Trainer
Years Experience in Running/Activity: 16 years


Whitney Harrington 2Whitney Harrington, FIT-specialist

Hometown: Annapolis
Favorite Place to Run: CSC, there are some good hills and a nice breeze off the water.
Why Do You Run?  I love to run and set new goals for myself. I'm not fast but, keep improving. I love the push of full breaths through my asthmatic lungs. 
Favorite Apparel or Accessory Item: Garmin 735XT
Favorite Shoe: Adidas Glide
Favorite Post-Race Meal: ahi tuna
The One Accessory I Can't Run Without: supportive sports bra
Current Goal:  All around goal is a triathlon or duathlon with kayaking
Educational Background: Elementary education degree from University of Maryland, CP. Go Terps! 
Years Experience in Running/Activity: The Best Part of Working at Fleet Feet is: Our Fleet Feet Team and the awesome opportunities to meet so many great people on the bench and in the store.



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