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Our business is not about us, it's about people, and how we can help them."

Fit For Freedom.

Fleet Feet Sports Annapolis is proud to have create our "Fit For Freedom" campaign to support deployed troops. For our deploying troops we offer a free pair of Balega socks with a footwear purchase. Please tell us you are a deploying troop at your time of purchase to receive a pair of Balega Socks.

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To ensure our troops have fresh footwear while deployed, we provide free shipping and goodies when they order their shoes from us to ship into their deployed location. We are proud to support our deployed military and civilian personnel that are doing so much to ensure freedom reigns. Please contact us if you would like more info on "Fit For Freedom" or would like to donate a pair of shoes to deployed troops.

Check out more information here:  The Washington Running Report.


We are a Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation Donation Location.

Fleet Feet Sports Annapolis has partnered with the Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation to accept your used athletic shoes to help lift a family out of poverty. Just 500 pairs of shoes provides a well, an irrigation system, training, seeds, and livestock that allows a family to enjoy a perpetually sustainable income.
Empowering people who want to help themselves.
Fleet Feet Sports Annapolis has already accepted over 10,000 pairs of shoes and we are proud to have adopted a family. Please bring those used shoes in to support this great cause.
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Saucony Red Laces are in!

Saucony Red Laces are back!  What are Saucony Red Laces?  Saucony has established a program called Run For Good to raise awareness and increase education about Childhood Obesity, an epidemic in our country.  A portion of your purchase of Red Laces goes toward funding running and other active programs for young people throughout the country.
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